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Bennett, Colorado

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House Plants & Gift Items
Our selection of house plants is constantly changing. We will gladly fill any special request if our current selection does not include your need.

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Popular Ivy Combo in hand thrown ceramic pot
Bonsai including Japenese Juniper, Holly, and Ficus
Beautiful hand thrown pottery by Tony Mfrica

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm takes its name from its resemblance to hair cascading out of a ponytail. It's also called a "bottle palm" because its trunk becomes a bottle like bulb at soil level. Because of its massive size the plants are mostly root-bound. While they can store water in their bulb, and use their water slowly, they probably don't have a lot of soil in their pot. If the roots become too dry the lower leaves turn brown or yellow and the plant looks a little ashy.

These are durable high light plants. They take up a lot of room and the leaf edges are rather sharp.


Remove discolored lower leaves. Do not trim brown off the ends. Brown is normal and more cutting will produce more brown, plus a jagged edge.


Japanese Juniper

Dragon Tree

A pointed-leafed dracaena, with green foliage. Whether you’re looking for a gift that grows on you or just spicing up your own place, these are here to help.

Check for watering weekly... allowing the soil to dry to the touch about 1/3 down the pot. Yellowing leaves can be an indication of over watering, under watering or simply just normal leaf drop.. Under watered plants will shed a large amount of totally yellow leaves from the lower portion of the head, whereas a plant that has been over-watered, the leaf will yellow from the tip towards the stem. Feed only once a year... the Dracaena family does not like to be fertilized. 

Cactus Plants