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2009 Tomato Varieties
Brandywine "OTV Strain" - Some say the sweetest and creamiest of all. The fruits are a rich pink/red with an orange undertone. Fruits are 12-16 oz. Very productive and more heat tolerant than other strains.
Brandywine "Sudduth Strain" - The Sudduth Strain Brandywine tomato is one of the best tasting heirloom tomatoes available to gardeners today. It has an incredibly rich, delightfully intense tomato flavor. When ripening on the vine, the Sudduth Brandywine‚??s flesh bulges out of its skin. The tomatoes are large, pink, beefsteak fruits weighing up to 2 pounds
Black Prince - The Black Prince Tomato is known in Russia as "Czerno Prinz Tomat" and next to the Black Krim Tomato, this is among the most popular and best known of Black Tomatoes. This outstanding tomato variety was originally introduced from Irkutsk, Russia (in Siberia) some years ago and is typically regarded as a true Siberian tomato variety due to its outstanding qualities in northern climates. Although the Black Prince could be considered a rare heirloom tomato in the United States and the United Kingdom, this tomato is widely raised in Russia and is regularly sold commercially by some of the larger vegetable seed companies in Russia today. In fact, its cultivation is so widespread in Russia that of late, a company in Volgograd has begun the marketing of a product called "Black Prince Tomato Oil", which is an extract of the Black Prince Tomato. This product is now being widely applied in Russia's food, cosmetics, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries and has been tested to have a wide range of health benefits due to the abundance of lypocene in this Russian tomato. 

Black Prince produces an abundance of medium sized red-brown tomatoes with dark brown (black) shoulders that features a rich, juicy taste. In fact, in a recent tomato taste test performed by Country Living Magazine, the Black Prince Tomato ranked as the #8 tomato in their taste test. Black Prince is a great tomato for your northern garden this year! Indeterminate. Matures in about 70 days

Dad's Sunset - 75 days. (Indeterminate) Fruits ripen to a uniform golden orange like the setting sun. Very attractive, regular, round-shaped, small-cored fruit with zesty sweet flavor. Fruits are uniform in shape with very few defects, thick-walled, yet tender. Vines provide medium foliage cover and bear 12 oz. fruits singly or in clusters of 2. Fruits measure 2-3/4" high by 3-1/4" wide. An excellent mainstay garden variety, recommended also for fresh market use because of the high percentage of marketable fruit with strong visual appeal and excellent flavor.
Earl of Edgecombe - When the 6th Earl of Edgecombe died in the 1960's, the heir to the title of 7th Earl was a relative in New Zealand who was a sheep farmer at the time. When he traveled to England to claim the title, he brought this tomato with him. The seeds for this New Zealand heirloom were made available through Carolyn Male, who found it the best of her 1996 seed trials. The smooth, 3-inch, round, uniformly ripening fruits are beautiful orange globes, typically borne in clusters of two or more. Flesh is firm, meaty and exceptionally flavorful.
Great White - The Great White Beefsteak tomato is often reported by other seed sellers as being an American heirloom tomato variety with a history that traces back to the era of the American Civil War during the 1860's, however, in truth, this wonderful white tomato variety is actually of a much more recent origin. 

This lovely tomato was originally offered by Gleckler Seeds Co. in the early 90's. Gleckler's customers often sent seeds from their own garden that they were proud of and hoped that the company would later introduce to the public. In 1987 or 1988, a woman sent Gleckler seeds of an orange and yellow Oxheart tomatoes from her garden for them to try. Gleckler grew them out and amongst the plants was one that proved to be a white beefsteak, which as it turns out, the woman did not have in her garden, so it was assumed that the plant was the result of a natural mutation. Gleckler began to cultivate this new white beefsteak tomato and a number of years later released it under the name of "Great White Beefsteak". It has become popular in the years since. (Where the erroneous story that the variety was a Civil War era heirloom originated, is unknown.) 

Great White is typically considered the finest and the largest of the white tomato varieties, producing huge creamy white tomatoes that can often weigh up to two pounds, making it larger than White Beauty / White Snowball. When ripe, these creamy colored tomatoes typically have a yellowish hue on the blossom end. The tomatoes feature a mild, sweet flavor and have alot of juice, yet few seeds. The plants of Great White are extremely productive and also extremely hardy, featuring a great amount of foliage to protect against sun scald. Great White is an excellent tomato variety for hot climates in that it is not only drought resistant, but also crack resistant. Indeterminate. Matures in approximately 85 days. 

Peron Sprayless - 68 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. Plant produces good yields of 8 oz red tomatoes. A tomato which is said to be so insect resistant, that it never needs spraying! High in Vitamin C. World's only sprayless tomato. Suitable for home garden and market growers.
Rose - 80 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. Plant produces good yields of 10 oz rose tomatoes. This is a cross between the Brandywine and Rutgers tomatoes. Very flavorful like a Brandywine. Crack Resistant. An Amish heirloom variety from New Holland, Pennsylvania.
Sophie's Choice - 55 days. (Determinate) [Heirloom from Edmonton, Canada, sent to SESE from Dr. Male. Introduced 1997.] The best choice for an extra early tomato - highly productive, flavorful and large-fruited. By far the earliest variety we offer, 'Sophie's Choice' ripens ahead of all other extra-early varieties in our trials. Unlike other extra-early varieties, the fruits are flavorful and large, averaging 6 to 8 ounces and weighing up to 12 ounces. 'Sophie's Choice' has an orange-red exterior and deep red interior. Produces large fruit on a small plant only 18 to 24" tall. Quality is best in cool climates. Does not handle heat or drought well
Stupice - An extra-early, cold-tolerant tomato similar to, but much better than, Glacier tomato, Kotlas and IPB in terms of fresh flavor and yields. The vines are more vigorous than other extra-early, potato-leaf types; and, in part, this may account for the consistently good, sweet and tangy, tomatoy flavor that you get from the first juicy fruit to the last. From north to south, east to west, this 2-4 oz tomato is on the "Best Choice" list for its flavor and season-long production. (55 days)