WindSpirit Farm

A day in the greenhouse

Sunrise, time for greenhouse morning chores. The plants need a drink to start the day after a good night's sleep

The maintenance crew at work, supervised closely, the standards must be followed.
  Wait..... BEAR ALERT .... .What's up? The GSO (Greenhouse Security Officer) has detected 
an intrusion.
Intruder found....No box is to great for the Bear to inspect.
There's no hiding from the determined security chief. She's goes where duty calls. Oops..Maybe that wasn't such a good place for my head. Could someone with hands please remove this! OK, now, please escort this silly mouse back to the field.
It's a good feeling, knowing the greenhouse is secure and all is running smoothly. 'Queliva', twilight and the day comes to a pleasant end, Bear and crew relax by the fountain while the fish enjoy one last snack.