Rodger G. Wade

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Professional Summary

A creative innovator with thirty plus years supporting business growth through information technology solutions. Industry experience includes relational database management systems (RDBMS), service center, internet e-commerce, telecommunications, financial, and other areas.

Relevant Management Experience

Ardent Consulting (four years)

Managed and trained Ardent consultants, maintaining a consistently high level of revenue.

·         Managed multiple professional services projects

·         Pre-sale and post-sale product and customer support

·         Performed RDBMS installation, configuration and tuning

·         Performed UNIX and NT systems administration

·         Trained consultants in data and application conversion techniques

Los Alamos Technical Associates (11 years)

Managed and trained corporate computer hardware and software staff and systems.

·         RDBMS systems development and support

·         Performed Pre-sales proof-of-concept and post-sale customer support

·         Network development and support (including voice & data communications)

·         Oversight of two complete hardware and software conversions

Hospital Information Systems (two years)

Managed RDBMS development and customer support for hospital operations applications.

 Selected Achievements  

·         Ardent Software: Managed and performed lead technical duties for a 10-month, $700,000+ international project to convert applications from Prime mainframe environment to UNIX-based RDBMS.  Project staff included client, VAR and Ardent consulting staff personnel.
Result: Standardized client computer operations to optimize a $1.2 B (Australian) pharmaceutical wholesale distribution business that serves customers throughout Australia.

·         Ardent Software: While managing multiple consulting projects, served as lead technical resource.  Performed pre-sales proof-of-concept demonstrations using corporate products. 
Result: Contributed to Ardent Professional Services’s consistently high level of revenue generation. Pre-sales support efforts resulted in the addition of two international VARs for product line.

·         Los Alamos Technical Associates: Designed, implemented and managed the RDBMS-based government contracts billing and project revenue-reporting application. Provided production database maintenance support.
Result: For ten years, LATA’s systems passed all government and internal audits, and received commendations for accurate and timely information management and reporting.

·          Los Alamos Technical Associates: Performed pre-sales and post-sales support, database design, development, and support for clients using Oracle, Sybase and Conetic Cbase relational databases.
Result: Generated corporate revenue while performing corporate management role and technical support roles.

Professional Experience



Instructor – Education America   Denver, CO

SQL Server Administration and Software Development

Ecommerce Website Development

Linux Administration and Development 
Instructor – Odessa College  Odessa, TX

Introduction to Computers

Software Application Development   

2001 – 2002




1973 – 1974

Management/Project Management


Independent Consultant

1999 – present


Consulting Manager/Principal Consultant

Ardent Software, Inc., Denver, CO

1995 – 1998


Management Consultant

City/County of Denver,

Denver, CO

contract* 1999


MIS Network Manager
Corporate Financial Systems Analyst

Los Alamos Technical Assoc. , Los Alamos, NM,

1984 – 1995


Systems Manager

Hospital Information Systems, Addison, TX

1976 – 1978


Assistant Director/College Computer Center

Odessa College, Odessa, TX

1973 – 1974


Project Manager

First National Bank, Lubbock, TX

1972 – 1973

Database Design and Development, Denver, CO

Los Alamos Technical Associates


1984 –1995

Application Performance Lab/Development


Williams Communications, Houston, TX



PacifiCare HMO, Denver, CO

contract** 1998-1999

RDBMS/NT or UNIX Conversion


Wellington Leisure Products, Madison, GA

contract* 1999


Buncombe County Medical Dept., Asheville, NC

contract* 1999


Commonwealth Aluminum, Inc., Lewisport, KY

contract* 1999


World Harvest Church, Port Canal, OH

contract* 1999


City of Thornton, Thornton, CO

contract* 1999


PCS Nitrogen, Inc., Memphis, TN

contract* 1999


Conexant Systems, Inc., Newport Beach, CA

contract* 1999


Sigma Pharmaceutical Co., Melbourne,  Australia

1996 – 1997


Banctec Corp., Dallas, TX

1995 – 1996

RDBMS Recovery Configuration


Premdor, Inc., Tampa Bay, FL

contract* 1999

Web Development/Support

Penn Treaty Insurance, Allentown, PA


contract* 1999

System Configuration/Performance Analysis


TVI, Inc., Houston, TX

contract* 1999


Texas State Technical College,  Waco, TX

contract* 1999

Analysis, Applications Programming, and Operations


Wade Systems, Santa Fe, NM

1983 – 1984


Joy Petroleum Corporation, Inc., Waxahachie TX

1981 – 1983


Harris Corp., Grapevine, TX

1979 – 1980


Hospital Information Systems, Dallas, TX

1976 – 1978


Texas Tech University Medical School, Lubbock, TX

1975 – 1976


Odessa College. Odessa, TX

1973 – 1974


First National Bank, Lubbock, Texas

1971 – 1973

            *less than three months

**3-12 months


Product experience and Education Overview:

Operating Systems


IBM  – OS/MVS, DOS/VSE, DOS/VS, DOS,  Data General – AOS,  Prime – Primos,  DEC – VMS

Microsoft – Windows 3.41, Windows 97-98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP


Ethernet, Microsoft NT, Banyan Vines, Novell Netware 3.12, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, TCP/IP, NFS, FTP, Locus PC Interface, ODBC, Object Call, AT&T Starlan


SQL Server, Oracle, Unidata, UniVerse, Sybase, Conetic Cbase, Access, Informix

      Programming Languages/API

SQL, Perl, FrontPage, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, XML, Forest & Trees, InfoMaker, UniBasic, UnidataSQL, AcuCobol, MicroFocus COBOL, Conetic Cbase,  Oracle SQL/Forms/ReportWriter, System Builder, Business Basic, C, Java, Redback

      Office Automation

MS-Project, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power Point, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3

      Education and Training, Inc., Denver, CO, 2000

            JAVA/TogetherSoft application development

Ardent Software, Inc., Denver, CO, 1996-1999

Redback, Web-based application development, HTML, JAVA, ASP

O2, Introduction to object oriented database concepts and the Ardent Object Oriented Database Management System and Java programming

            DataStage, Warehousing Fundamentals

            System Builder, Ardent Application Development Interface programming

            UniData, Ardent Database Administration and Application Development

Aquilla Group, Albuquerque, NM, 1994

            Banyan Vines Systems Administration and Banyan Vines Advanced Administration, LAN/WAN network administration

Oracle Corporation, Denver, CO, 1990

            Oracle Forms, Application forms development and management

            PL/SQL, Oracle SQL programming language

            ReportWriter, Oracle database report generator

AT&T Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, 1986

            UNIX Systems Administration, UNIX system administration and AT&T hardware maintenance

Center for Public Education, Los Angelos, CA, 1985

            Government Accounting, Small Computers, Computerized accounting principles for government contractors

Joy Manufacturing, Waxahachie, TX, 1982

            Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Computerized manufacturing shop control principles

Data General Corporation, Los Angelos, CA, 1979

            Assembler Language Programming, Programming concepts

Informatics Inc., Lubbock, TX, 1977

            Mark IV Programming, concepts using MARK IV application development language

American Institute of Banking, Lubbock, TX, 1971

            Bank Operations, Principles of banking operations

            Bank Data Processing, Principles of computerized banking operations

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX  1971  BA   Theoretical Sociology/Psychology